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"ViaViente is a High Anti-Oxidant, Rich Whole Food Puree that works to support your Wellness and Increased Energy. Anti-Oxidant Rich Fruits and Roots help neutralize free-radical damage so you can Feel Younger Longer while a Unique Blend of Chelated Minerals supports your
Increased Energy."


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"ViaViente is a proud supporter of the Andes Children's Foundation and other causes.

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ViaViente Health and Science Team


The Science behind ViaViente

In 1991 Craig Keeland, Founder and CEO of ViaViente launched his quest to find out how we could all live younger longer. To achieve this goal, Craig assembled a team of world-class scientists to create a good tasting product that would support wellness and energy. Craig's "Super Bowl Team" of scientists were led by Dr. Mark Pedersen, a world-renowned herbalist and nutritional formulator. Dr. Pedersen was one of a handful of scientists who understood how to combine vitamins, minerals and herbs to release a synergistic effect. Craig's team also included Dr. Harvey Ashmead, founder of Albion Labs. Dr. Ashmead lent his expertise in mineral chelation for improving mineral absorption in the body. Dr. Richard Cutler, groundbreaking specialist in Anti-Oxidants research at the National Institute on Aging became another key member of the scientific team. Medical Journalist and Researcher Dr. Morton Walker contributed his expertise in his research on the Centenarians of Vilcabamba and his discovery that the unique mineral profile of the pristine drinking water High in the Andes Mountains was a major component of the longevity of the residents of the Vilcabamba Valley.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling contributed his expertise in Anti-Oxidant research until his death in 1994. It is thanks to the efforts of this "Dream Team of Scientists" that we have the remarkable product ViaViente that supports both wellness and increased energy.


Dr. Mark Pedersen
Lead Producer / Formulator

Dr. Richard Cutler
National Inst. on Aging

Dr. Alexander Leaf
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Harvey Ashmead
Albion Labs

Dr Morton Walker
Researcher and Writer

Dr. Linus Pauling
2 Nobel Prizes

Nutritional Board Members

ViaViente's Nutritional Advisory board is an international team of Board Certified Medical Doctors and Nutritional Experts. The Nutritional Advisory Board is headed up by Dr. Mark Pedersen, the lead scientist on the Scientific Team that formulated ViaViente. This highly respected group of Medical and Nutritional Professionals routinely share their knowledge to support constant advancement of the science behind ViaViente.


Dr. Mark Pedersen

Dr. Richard Cutler

Teri Tomlinson

Dr. Bruce Ketel

Margie Dettmann

Lisa Parker HMC

Dr. Kathryn Wood

Dr. Vincent Marcel

Fumiko Kawamura

Dr. Chen, Wei-Tar

Dr. Paul Williamson

Dr. Piyanto Halim