About ViaViente®

ViaViente® is the Best Investment You can make in Your Health. The price of ViaViente® varies from country to country. This price depends on a number of factors. A few of these factors include: Transportation costs to deliver product to the country. Customs' duties, fees and importation taxes levied by the country. Other in-country fees that include inspection fees, income taxes, value added taxes. Legal fees and lab testing fees required to obtain and retain a product license in each country. Every company doing business globally has different prices for its products in each country because of these fees and the costs associated with exporting goods to global markets. In order to keep the cost of purchasing ViaViente® as low as possible, ViaViente® reduces its profit margin on overseas price-points.

* 30 ml / 1 oz. contains the Anti-Oxidant* Equivalent of 5 Servings of Blueberries.

*ViaViente contains anti-oxidant Vitamins C & E and the Mineral Selenium

What is ViaViente® ?

VíaVienté is a
High Anti-Oxidant*-Rich
Whole Food Puree Beverage

ViaViente® is a drinkable Whole Food Puree Beverage that contains the skin, pulp, seeds and juice from 15 fruits and roots for complete nutritional value. It works to Support your Wellness and Increased Energy. High Anti-Oxidant*-Rich Fruits help neutralize free-radical damage so you can Feel Younger Longer while a Unique Blend of Chelated Minerals supports your Naturally Increased Energy.

  • Tastes Good
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten & Yeast Free

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